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To Celebrate My Appearance on Spike TV’s


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After my appearance on last night’s episode of “Gym Rescue” I’ve been absolutely flooded with congratulations and kudos from my clients and followers.

In case you missed it I was asked by Spike TV to show off my “Body Transformation Expert” skills and come in and teach the most effective fat loss training techniques to help “rescue” a struggling gym.

Essentially I showed the training staff how I regularly get “Twice the Results in Half the Time” by using my patented metabolic trickery.

The show was a *HUGE HIT* and the response from all of you has been just crazy and I am very appreciative of your support.

Since I’ve had so many requests for training, and as a way to thank you for all your support I wanted to ‘give back’ to you by offering ALL my programs at 50% off!

As you probably know, I have years of training expertise under my belt. I have trained 1000’s of people to get results of fat loss and increased strength and performance. I run Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp in Calgary, Alberta as well as coach clients internationally.

I’ve spent the last 25 years studying and researching the science of fat loss… NOT WEIGHT LOSS, but actual physique enhancing, muscle defining fat loss… the kind that turns heads and gets people’s attention when they see you coming.

That’s why Spike TV chose ME out of THOUSANDS of potential trainers:

I care about YOU and your fitness goals.

Like you, I’m a busy person, but I’ve made ways to make fitness fun and ‘doable’ over the years. I want to share my proven ideas with you.

Check out my programs below….all at 50% off for a limited time. Now’s the time to grab that one program of mine that you don’t have, or feel free to share this page with your friends and family and let me help them with their fitness goals.

But don’t wait, time is running out!



Challenge Diet

Imagine Losing Up to 15 Pounds of Fat in Only 21 Days Because You Knew EXACTLY What to Eat, Step-by-Step, without ever counting calories, going on crash diets or figuring out complicated “macro” formulas…

Plus, You’ll Discover the 5 Steps That You Can Follow in About 4 Minutes Per Day to Not Only Lose Fat While Maintaining Your Hard Earned Muscles, But also to Keep the fat off for life!

Give Yourself Just 21 Days and You’ll Discover How to Lose Up to 14 Pounds of Fat and Keep it off for good It’s all a part of a simple plan that starts as a “diet”, but crushes your cravings in just a few days. The diet then becomes a lifestyle (by YOU, not the expert).

This is the biggest difference in this system.

You’ll get educated on how to quickly and permanently change your eating habits so that you’ll never have to rely on a new diet “gimmick” ever again.


Let me ask you something. How would you like to…

– Eat normal food (including your favorites).

– NEVER have to rely on a “breakthrough” pill or powder.

– Quickly drop up to 5 pounds in the first 7 days.

– Learn how to KEEP off any weight loss FOREVER with simple strategies that won’t consume all your time.

– Destroy all cravings for your favorite cookies at night and all other junk food.

– Be a role model for your children, or even your grandchildren.

– Eat out without having to stress about what you’ll get from the menu to “stay on course.”

– Feel great in the clothes that you really want to wear without ever having to wonder if others are looking at you funny.

– You’ll be given the 5 Steps to Drop 3-5 Pounds in the Next 7 Days.

Step 1 – Social Support

In the exclusive Challenge Diet community, you’ll have access to other people just like you, as well as myself.

Step 2 – Accountability

Everyone in our group will be keeping an eye on you, and you’ll have NO choice but to succeed.

Step 3 – A Simple Plan and Being Prepared

There is no guesswork.

Step 4 – Incentive

You’ll see and feel a difference in only 7 days. Expect to lose up to 14 pounds in only 21 days.

Step 5 – Deadline
You can do anything for just 21 days.

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CFL_maingroupChallenge Complexes

Looking for a great alternative to cardio and HIIT?

Cardio of the long, slow intensity sort is not only BORING, its counter productive. For one reason, studies have shown that appetite can be increased with low intensity cardio so you’re not only wasting your precious time, you’re setting yourself up to fail on your nutrition plan too.

Why not try a complex workout instead?

Because of the nature of complexes, you go from one exercise to the next with zero transition time. That means an elevated heart rate without any down time.

No downtime = an even FASTER metabolism

And you already know the “holy grail” of fat burning is your metabolism. If your metabolism is not at its peak… your fat burning ability is not at its peak.

They work hand in hand.

And because you’re actually using resistance, you’ll build muscle. You already know that, too. So it’s the best of all three worlds…

– Boost Metabolism
– Builds Muscle
– Burns Fat


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Fat Loss

The Challenge Fat Loss program is all about challenging and high intensity workouts that last 20 minutes or less and with ONE GOAL IN MIND… EXTREME FAT LOSS

Your intensity level will go through the roof throughout the entire workout blasting your metabolism into Afterburn, all while doing exercises that will help you build strength as well as lean strong muscles.

So not only are you burning calories DURING your workout, but you’re also going to continue to burn additional calories up to 36 hours AFTER your workout thanks to the Afterburn effect!

Now, if you’re wondering why the workouts are kept to 20-minutes, let me explain further.

The most cutting edge research now shows us that it’s during these short intense bursts of workouts when your body gets all of the best benefits such as increased growth hormone, building of a lean athletic body, and a massive fat torching spike in your metabolism to burn off every ounce of excess fat.

Best of all, you’ll ‘follow along’ with me for each and every workout.

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CFL_maingroupChallenge Jump Rope

What’s the secret behind this one simple piece of equipment?

When you use a jump rope, you work your heart, lungs, legs, arms, shoulders, and abs. You don’t get that with a treadmill. It’s also not nearly as much of an impact on your joints.

This is why you burn so many calories per minute. This allows you to use short, intense workouts to burn fat…

… but without the cortisol. Cortisol is what leads to belly fat. Cortisol is built from long, 60-minute workouts and long, boring cardio.

However, this is NOT what these 31 Jump Rope workouts are. In fact, you’ll be done in as little as 6 minutes. That’s how powerful these workouts are.

Inside these 31 NEW Jump Rope Challenge workouts, you’ll use a powerful combination of interval training, jump rope and resistance training.

So you’ll blast through strength training and conditioning in just one workout… in as little as 6 to 15 minutes.

Your body and a jump rope… that’s it.

It’s been my secret weapon for over twenty years and now you can get 31 of my NEW Jump Rope Challenge Workouts so you can get ripped just like the boxers and Hollywood celebrities, too.

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CFL_maingroupChallenge Burpee

Did you know you can burn up to 62 calories in just 5 minutes using this one powerful exercise?

This one exercise has been hailed by the best fitness experts in the world as the most challenging bodyweight exercise EVER created.

It’s why I have used a variety of this ONE “hybrid” move with thousands of my clients across the world as well as in my thriving boot camp where my clients are known for their fast and dramatic fat loss transformations.

Martin Gibala, the chairman of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario says the burpee…”builds muscles and builds endurance.” When asked his opinion on the single best exercise, he also suggested the burpee.

It’s a 3 for 1 exercise that only takes 3 seconds to perform.

In this program, I’ve combined varieties of burpees (including some you’ve never seen in your life) with the best fat-burning exercises in short under 15 minutes circuits. Are there burpees in every single workout? You bet, but JUST enough to get you insane results without you burning out.

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CFL_maingroupPull Up Challenge

No other exercise on the planet says as much about your fitness level, strength, endurance, and overall conditioning as pull-ups do.

That’s just an irrefutable fact.

I mean no one ever asks you how many leg extensions or triceps presses you can do. Pull-ups are raw power and endurance and the physique they build is proof of that fact.

Pull-ups are the most primal of exercises, the ultimate measure of one’s conditioning level and I can teach you how to do you first pull-up or add ten or twenty more to what you’re currently doing now.

Pull-ups alone work your grip, forearms, biceps, back, abs, deep core muscles, shoulders, and your posture…

…and best of all they make a man’s body look more alpha and primal and a woman’s body toned, athletic, and sexy.

I challenge you to find any other exercise that elicits “wow” when people see you knocking them out. And while you’re at it… I challenge you to find any one exercise that can get you in better shape then pull-ups.

I’ve searched… you can’t find it. Pull-ups rule! Period.

This three in one, step-by-step ebook program gives to the A to Z in pull-up training and teaches you how to increase strength, endurance, and pulling power for unlimited pull-up prowess.

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CFL_maingroupChallenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition

ONLY for top notch boot camp owners who want to create killer workouts and differentiate themselves.

Test, Challenge, and Track Results…

Challenge your boot camp clients with plateau busting workouts designed to break workout boredom, boost fat burn, and maximize muscle toning all while setting you apart from your competitors.

Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ is more than just a bunch of done-for-you plateau busting boot camp workout programs. It’s also a fitness testing technique developed for use in a boot camp or group training setting.

It’s difficult to find fitness tests that are not only easy to implement, but provide clients with fun challenges they look forward to doing and also test every fitness parameter.

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Fat Loss
Over 40

I have finally figured out a very special kind of workout that increases your lean muscle tissue (and in turn, your “slowing” metabolism”) without gaining any “bulk” or bigger muscles.

I decided that no woman over 40 should ever have to deal with accumulating stomach-fat or a growing waistline when I had a secret, almost-instant solution right here, that would keep them lean, toned and sexy for as long as they do my short, easy to follow workouts.

And it was for that reason I created “Female Fat-Loss Over 40″

Inside the official Female Fat Loss over 40 Workout Program, you’ll find all of your fat burning, waist-shrinking workouts, easily laid out inside for you so you can begin your workouts immediately — no confusion or questions left unanswered here. You’ll also get VIDEO FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS to guide you. I’ll be there for each and every workout to coach you along the way.

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You can also head to my blog: where you’ll find a ton of free content, workouts and videos, nutrition information and motivation.

Thanks for visiting this page, I’d really love to help you with your training to improve your healthy lifestyle.

Let me know how I can help you!


Shawna K

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