Imagine Losing Up to 15 Pounds of Fat in Only 21 Days Because You Knew EXACTLY What to Eat, Step-by-Step, without ever counting calories, going on crash diets or figuring out complicated “macro” formulas…

Plus, You’ll Discover the 5 Steps That You Can Follow
in About 4 Minutes Per Day to Not Only Lose Fat
While Maintaining Your Hard Earned Muscles,
But also to Keep the fat off for life!


Look, you’re on info-overload.

There are over 46,560 diet books registered with the library of congress. If “diets” worked, wouldn’t there only be one?

Yet every week you hear about the newest and greatest diet or weight loss pill that claims to be the end all be all solution to your weight problems.

Listen, if you’re here on my website I’m going to assume that you’re the kind of person that knows there’s no QUICK and EASY fix, so I’m going to tell you the truth, that’s backed by science and real world proven…

…and if you hang around long enough through this article then I’m going to also give you the SOLUTION that’s helped me maintain a lean athletic body even into my fifties – as you can see in this picture taken last week.


shawapic1Look, I know you’re willing to do the work and follow a plan, but you just can’t find a fat loss system that actually has a plan… and one that’s actually PROVEN to work.

In other words, your diet has no step-by-step and day-by-day system to it and that’s why it’s not working for you.

At best, most diets are just ideas that beat around the bush without any action steps that you can use instantly. For instance…

Carb cycling – does it work? Maybe. But what days do you cycle your carbs? How many carbs do you eat on what days? What carbs are allowed?

You invest hours of time trying to figure what you’ll be eating on what days only to find out that the plan doesn’t even work after all.

This happens to you diet after diet.

It was that way for me too, until I stumbled upon a simple concept that’s designed to help you melt more fat then you ever imagined possible, in a short 21-days, as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

(Actually, it’s not as hard as you’d think)

“If Someone That Knows What They Are Doing Would Just Tell Me Exactly What to Eat, Step-By-Step, I Know I Could Do It!”

Well, the good news is that I certainly know what I’m doing. After all, I’m 51 years old and have kept my lean and athletic physique since I discovered it at the age of 33…

…up until that point, while I wasn’t “over weight” by the bathroom scale’s definition, I couldn’t figure out how to lose that layer of fat that was hiding my muscles.

I desperately wanted to have that lean athletic body that I’d see others sporting in the gym from time to time, and I was determined to figure out how.


But there is bad news…

My telling you exactly what to eat, step-by-step is great, but it’s not enough.

However, the good news is that it IS enough when you combine it with 5 simple steps that only take you about 4 minutes of your time each day.

These 5 steps are more powerful than you think, and no, it’s not a “secret combination” of expensive supplements or yet another fad diet.

In fact, it has nothing to do with the food you consume.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you how you can finally take control of your cravings, establish a healthy relationship with food, and lose up to 14 pounds of fat in the next 21 days in the process.

Not only that, but I’ll show you how you can keep it off for life.

FYI: 96% of all dieters gain the weight back within 6 months – so being able to keep and maintain your fat loss is HUGE.

Or… you can ignore this and be one of the millions of people on a vicious “diet cycle”, in which you may lose a few pounds, but gain them back plus some.

Just read this – according to the Boston Medical Center, approximately 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight-loss products in their pursuit of a leaner body…

…only to gain it ALL back.

So, you’re not alone. You’ve experienced stress, anxiety, and even depression because of your diet battles.

The crazy formulas, complicated calculations and menus with NO wiggle room have left you depressed, frustrated, and confused.

It’s No Wonder You’re Nervous About Starting a Fad Diet… They Make You Worse Than You Were in the First Place

The problem with other diets is that they tell you to avoid this or avoid that… then it’s up to YOU to make that happen.

You don’t have that kind of willpower

After all, who does? (other than celebrities with at-home chefs who are paid thousands of dollars to make healthy recipes all day long)

the diet cycleIf it were really that easy to just follow a program and watch the fat disappear, you wouldn’t be reading this.

But instead, you’re questioning yourself. You wonder if you “have what it takes” or perhaps your genes won’t allow you to become the healthier and leaner version of yourself.

Well, there is good news.

Your genes only play a VERY small role in your success. Sure, your genes can impact the rate at which you’ll lose fat, but I’ll show you how to manipulate your hormones in a way that will overcome your genetic roadblocks.

I’ll also show you the 5 steps that you can use TODAY to start feeling a difference by no later than tomorrow. And…

Give Yourself Just 21 Days and You’ll Discover How to Lose Up to 14 Pounds of Fat and Keep it off for good

It’s all a part of a simple plan that starts as a “diet”, but crushes your cravings in just a few days. The diet then becomes a lifestyle (by YOU, not the expert).

This is the biggest difference in this system.

I’ll share with you how this simple plan works with actionable advice you can use today, but first, let me introduce myself so you know I’m not just someone typing words.

Hi, my name is Shawna Kaminski, (those were my real and Untouched pictures that you just saw) and I’m a two-time winner of the “Toughest Calgarian Alive” competition, bodybuilding champion, author and researcher, and I’m considered one of the top authorities on fat loss.

I also happen to be a 51-year-old mother of two and I’m as lean today, with defined abs and all, as I was when I discovered this fat loss secret and decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show.

In my mid 20’s and early 30’s I was not happy with my appearance. But once I figured out the 21-day fat loss concept that I’m about to share with you everything changed for me!

What was the difference?


I looked at my nutrition, used common sense and created a livable plan that I got started on and since then, never looked back. I changed my eating and my attitude towards food forever and I’ll show you how you can do the same.

I’m never hungry.

I’m never deprived.

I never crave any sweets or junk food.

Today, I have more energy than I did in my 20’s and quite frankly, I can do a lot of athletic things that many 20-year olds can’t.

In fact, I weigh now what I did in high school, but I have more lean and defined muscle.

Just like you, I don’t have a chef. I don’t have a lot of time, either. I also don’t have the best genetics.

You should be excited right now.


I’m about to tell you the entire truth behind my diet… which I’ve also shared with all of my successful clients who have finally achieved their fat loss goals.

Take a look…

Name: Alia – Age: 30


Why I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I wanted to learn how to eat better and eat with what works for my body. I wanted to be a healthier person.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
I’ve tried Weight watchers and different diet plans that I didn’t last long on. I didn’t know how to eat healthier, I was always just watching calories without knowing whether or not they were good calories or not.

How I felt on the diet:
I felt really good, no bloating or cramping, no feeling sick after I ate and I had no extreme tiredness.

The BEST part of the plan:
The support of Shawna and the group was the best part of the plan. NO slip-ups were judged and you just started back up If you fell down.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Because this is not a diet or fad, it’s a lifestyle change and I will continue it long term. It’s a doable change. Lifestyle changes and knowing what I can eat and how it affects my body is the one of my biggest steps for making this a permanent change.


Why would you recommend this?
It becomes a lifestyle change, it’s not a diet!

Anything else you’d like to add…
Shawna and the group have been an amazing support system!!! Thank you so much for everything!!

Name: Bonnie M – Age: 46


Why I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I wanted to lose some weight and tone up my body. I was interested in learning how to eat healthier with the support of a plan that would make sense to me.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
I have never tried dieting before.

How I felt on the diet:
The first few days were a bit tough but I quickly began to feel more alert, had more energy and started sleeping better.

The BEST part of the plan:
The plan has lots of meal options and it allowed me to mix and match what I was eating. I quickly discovered new favorites and it allowed me to try things I had not tried before. Best of all it taught me portion control and learning to listen to my body and stop eating before I got too full. I think the part I enjoyed the most was the support from the other Challenge Dieters. What an amazing group of people all at different points in their lives.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
The first three weeks of the plan allowed me to set up some really good eating habits. I think you need 21 days to truly establish these healthy habits. The road is not always easy but after the three weeks it becomes your new lifestyle. The maintenance plan is even easier with more choices. This is regular food you are eating – it just changes the way you think about food and how you put those food items together.

My results:
Weight to begin: 128 lbs
Weight on day 42: 119 lbs
Total weight lost: 9 lbs

Total Centimeters Lost: 20.5 cm or 8.07 inches

Why would you recommend this?
The best thing about this program is anyone can do it and be successful if motivated. There is no “diet food” involved just eating healthy food and eating sensibly. You must be prepared that it will be a journey and each day is different from the last. You must be determined to keep on the path even if things get hard in the rest of your life. This plan equips you with the knowledge and skills and gives you the support (through the group) to succeed. The three –week initial phase is long enough to establish these healthy habits into your life so that they truly become who you are and how you eat. Lean on the group – they will keep you focused and motivated and help you succeed.

Name: Marci – Age: 44 – 11lbs Lost!

marciWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I have always tried to live a fairly healthy lifestyle, both by staying active and eating reasonably well. 2013 was a rough year for me and I am an emotional eater, suffice it to say the year did not end well. I was not happy with my exercise plan, rather lack thereof, and my eating habits had tanked. I thought this was just the thing I needed to get back on track to achieve fairly quick results that would then keep me motivated.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
I am not really a diet person. I have never chosen and stuck to a diet.

How I felt on the diet:
• Good
• Sometimes hungry
• Very motivated and energized

The BEST part of the plan:
• Quick results
• Recipes provided
• Learning how grains affect my body
• Learning how great spaghetti squash is!

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Absolutely. It is simply a lifestyle choice. I have always tried to maintain a fairly healthy diet…and this provided lots of new things to adopt into my menu planning.

My results:
After 21 days = I lost a total of 11 pounds and 9 inches. I am motivated to get up at 5:00 am to exercise, and haven’t made an excuse for 6 weeks. I am more confident…and my clothes fit sooooo much better.

Why would you recommend this?
It provides quick results and great tools to make positive changes in your life. You have to really want to achieve results though. For those who want accountability – the social media support is great.

Name: Jessica – Age: 30 – 15lbs Lost!

jessWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet: I felt like I needed more discipline with my nutrition. To have a plan laid out and to be accountable to more than just myself was a huge motivation.

What diet plans I’ve tried before: The GI Diet

How I felt on the diet: After making it through the initial three days of detox (sugar, aspartame, caffeine and carb withdrawal) I felt full and energized.

The BEST part of the plan: It makes sense, so it’s easy to follow.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Yes. Because it’s easy to follow and the cheat meal every week gives me something to look forward to. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.

My results:
I’ve lost 15 pounds and 10 inches overall. My clothing fits better and I stand taller. I feel invigorated and that I’m gaining back the confidence I lost when I put on weight.

Why would you recommend this?
Because it’s easy to follow and helps boost energy and mood. If you’ve ever had a problem with sugar cravings (as I have) you’ll be surprised how easy it is to give up those bad habits once you start eating cleaner.

Anything else you’d like to add…
I plan to go back onto the challenge diet until I’ve reached my weight loss goal (140lbs). I want to be a good example of healthy eating because so many of my friends and family come to me for advice, I’d like to be a strong, positive role model for them. I’d also like to wear a bikini in public, just once, in my life 🙂

Name: Teresa – Age: 45 – 7lbs Lost!

teresaWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet: I wanted a kickstart to 2014 and my weight loss goals

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
Weight Watchers, I have been to ‘Fit Metabolism’ which is a program specializing in weight loss.

How I felt on the diet:
I felt satisfied, there was always enough food and I was never hungry.

The BEST part of the plan:
The learning – by this I mean all the different recipes I was able to try, learning that I can live quite easily with out carbs being the main part of my diet. And of course the BEST part was the Facebook group. It was awesome.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
I think it is easy to continue long term. It is doable because I was always eating real food. It never felt like a “diet” I always thought of it as a plan of eating.

21 day results:
Total weight loss 7 pounds.
Total inches lost 11.

I have seen a very big improvement in sleep which is almost more exciting than the weight loss. Energy levels have been awesome and this plan has got me recommitted to my exercise.

Why would you recommend this?
A few reasons #1 I love the support. #2 It is a REAL plan with no magic pills just real food. #3 It works.

Name: Lori – Age: 45 – 16lbs Lost!

loriWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
My cousin mentioned the Challenge to me over Christmas. I was feeling really overweight and out of shape so I thought why not, we might be able to motivate each other.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
When I was younger I tried a few crazy diets but over the past 20 years I have only really tried Weight Watchers. I would always fall off the wagon and quit. I probably joined and eventually quit Weight Watchers twice a year for the past 20 years. The problem was me and what I was eating on Weight Watchers. I would try to incorporate fast food into the plan.

How I felt on the diet:
I have felt amazingly good on this diet, I am not as bloated, I never feel hungry, and I have so much more energy already! (I am still about 25 pounds from my goal weight).

The BEST part of the plan:
The best part of this plan is that I do not have food cravings like I used to. It is embarrassing to admit but I used to eat fast food at least 4-5 times per week. I haven’t had fast food in 6 weeks and I honestly don’t miss it. Even as I write this I find it hard to believe it. I have always heard people say ‘When you eat processed carbs and sugar you crave it and have to have more and more’ I never believed it until I had been on Shawna’s plan for a couple of weeks…

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
I feel that I will be able to continue on this plan long term. When I started I decided that I would consider this a life plan not a diet. I am at an age where my health could affected if I continued eating the way I was previous to starting Shawna’s plan.

Weight lost in the 6 weeks: 16 pounds
Inches lost: around 11”
Positive improvement: I am diabetic (family history) and have high blood pressure. Since I have been on the plan my blood pressure has improved quite a bit. (probably due to the fact that I am not eating processed foods with tons of sodium)

My blood sugars seem to be improving as well. I am confident that once I reach my goal I will be able to get off my blood pressure medication and at least lower the dose on my diabetic medication. That is a big motivator for me!

Why would you recommend this?
I believe that any plan works if you can stick to it however all the other plans have been hard for me to stick to. This plan works! After about a week you will no longer crave all the bad carbs and you will lose weight. I am sure I will be updating this post in about 5 months because I am confident that I will lose my remaining 25 pounds by then.

Anything else you’d like to add…
Shawna’s plan is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and tone. I am just starting to do Shawna’s exercise video’s but I am really enjoying them . You work hard but you don’t have to spend an hour exercising to feel like you accomplished something…..I feel amazing after every workout!

Name: Judy Hill – Age: 51- 6.6 lbs Lost!

judyI feel better, my muscles feel toned and my pants are looser.

The BEST part of the plan:
I found the support from the other members of the challenge very helpful. If I was feeling like I was losing control or not getting anywhere someone else was in the same boat. We could bounce off ideas, share info and just get positive reinforcement that we were on the right path and just keep going.

But here’s the thing…this is Not a
“Revolutionary” NEW Diet

If you’re looking for some “breakthrough”, this isn’t it.

lifestyleThink about it. The truth is there is NOTHING new about weight loss. Weight loss has been around for decades and yet, the same information keeps getting recycled with some kind of crazy “spin” on it.

Instead, you’ll get educated on how to quickly and permanently change your eating habits so that you’ll never have to rely on a new diet “gimmick” ever again.

    Let me ask you something. How would you like to…

  • Eat normal food (including your favorites)
  • NEVER have to rely on a “breakthrough” pill or powder
  • Quickly drop up to 5 pounds in the first 7 days
  • Learn how to KEEP off any weight loss FOREVER with simple strategies that won’t consume all your time
  • Destroy all cravings for your favorite cookies at night and all other junk food
  • Be a role model for your children, or even your grandchildren
  • Eat out without having to stress about what you’ll get from the menu to “stay on course”
  • Feel great in the clothes that you really want to wear without ever having to wonder if others are looking at you funny

If these normal people without amazing genetics can do it, imagine what you could do…

Name: Angela – Age: 41 – 16 Lbs lost!

angelaWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I have had quite a rough year and really wanted to get myself back on track and lose the weight. I am quite a regimented person and need the accountability

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
Weight Watchers, Atkins, Dr. Berstein

How I felt on the diet:

The BEST part of the plan:
The support through the Challenge Diet community.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Absolutely, it has become second nature now that I’ve established the eating habits in the intial 21 days.

My results:
16 pounds lost
23.75 total inches lost

Overall I feel great, I still have quite a bit of weight to lose but I am on the road to living a healthier life and am super excited about it.

Why would you recommend this?
This plan is so easy to follow and I feel so much better. I don’t think people realize how crappy they feel everyday until they feel better.

Name: Lisa B

lisabIf I had to sum up the Challenge Diet program in one word I would have to say “life-changing”. I was already eating very clean foods and training hard before I started this program but I’d keep falling off the wagon on weekends and find other reasons to mess up.

The program itself is great – very healthy, very maintainable, very balanced – but for me the single biggest difference from anything I’d done before was the support of the Facebook community that came with the program.

Because I am a very competitive person, I took it as a personal challenge to stick religiously to the program and not stray at all. And I did that. I had one slip in five weeks, a little one, and then with everyone’s support got back on my diet-horse and continued on my way.

My metabolism has shifted enormously in the last few years and though I eat well and train hard and smart, my body hates to let slip any body fat at all! My body is convinced the End of the World is nigh and I should save my fat stores. I’ve struggled and fought and complained about the unfairness of that, but it’s taken this program for me to find acceptance in that fact, and that it will just take time. That being said, I’ve lost 6kg (over 13 pounds) which is awesome for me. I’ve found a program that is NOT a diet but a way of eating I can continue forever. It suits my lifestyle, my taste buds and my energy levels – and I’ve made some new friends via the facebook community who are great, supportive, and friendly people! I cannot recommend this program more highly, I’ve told all my clients about it, nagged my family about it, and love having people comment on my visible results. Thank you Shawna! Yet another fabulous program from the Queen of fabulous Challenge programs.

Name: Vaughan – Age: 37

vaughan2Why I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I wanted to dial in my nutrition after a tough year and get some consistency back with my healthy eating habits.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
I have tried intermittent fasting and a juice detox.

How I felt on the diet:
I felt good once my energy levels adjusted to the change in calorie intake, which took about 3 days, then I felt great. I felt much more energetic and was able to continue to push hard in the gym.

The BEST part of the plan:
The best part of this plan was the support group and great range of food that is included to choose from.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Yes, certainly something I can continue on with as it is easily adaptable to work alongside my results and my changing dietary needs.

My final measurements at 21 days:
Weight Lost 8.5 lbs
Lost 11 cm and gained 4 cm around arms/legs due to weight training

Why would you recommend this?

Overall I found the eating plan easy to follow and sustainable, even with the challenges of day to day with kids and family!

I found no problem with fatigue or lack of energy for training, even on my heavy weights days. I did find a few days here and there where I felt a little fatigued but was most likely from lack of sleep rather than food. I was happy to see I was able to put on muscle mass while dropping body fat as shown by some of the increased measurements for arms and legs, while reduced measures for body fat areas (waist and hips).

Very happy with the fat reduction over the 21 days and I look forward to seeing continued progress.

Thanks again for the program and wonderful support, it has been a pleasure to be part of.

Name: Jennifer – Age: 43- 11lbs Lost!

jenniferWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I wanted to lose weight and get more toned.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
I’ve tried weight watchers and LA Weight Loss.

How I felt on the diet:
I felt great!

The BEST part of the plan:
I felt no bloating and way more energy while not being hungry.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Yes, it is easy, healthy and feels good.

My results: I lost 11 pounds and over 14 inches.
I feel stronger, tighter and more in control of my weight.

Why would you recommend this?
This plan helps you rethink the way you look at food.

I got visible results quickly and I finally felt in control of my life.

Name: Jeff- Age: 38 – 11lbs Lost!

jeffWhy I wanted to try Challenge Diet:
I needed to shake up my food to push off a plateau in my weight loss journey.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:
weight watchers

How I felt on the diet:
felt good and satisfied, some days it was hard to get all the calories in.

The BEST part of the plan:
having lots of food choices and able to be flexible under a paleo plan.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?
Yes, I have felt good on the plan. It is a lifestyle change rather than a structured diet plan.

My results:
First 3 weeks: lost 6.5 lbs in weight and 10.5 inches (while starting on creatine)
Second 3 weeks: lost 2.4 lbs in weight and 3.25 inches

Clean eating has definitely increased my energy levels.

It is not part of the plan, however, I added creatine to my daily routine. It likely added 3 – 5 lbs of weight during the plan but allowed me to work harder during my workouts to burn more fat with less muscle fatigue.

Why would you recommend this?
You feel better and get results without feeling hungry.

Although eating clean/paleo requires some more food prep time for the week, you are eating less, feeling more full and it ends up being easier. This is a great plan for life.

Introducing The 21 Day Challenge Diet – A 21-Day (follow along) Rapid Fat loss Diet That Works

main product bundle

Now after seeing how powerful this can be for you, you’re probably wondering… “Is it really that simple?”

Here’s the deal… The 21 Day Challenge Diet is more than just “eat more veggies”. It’s an education on fat loss science. You’ll be going to “Nutrition School” and graduate with the tools you can use for life.

Don’t worry, it’s not difficult and I’ve made it extremely simple for you to understand this stuff.

nutritionschoolYou’ll be shown, step-by-step, how to change the way you think about food and you’ll change your tastes, habits, and cravings.

Yes, it’s that powerful!

You’ll change your emotional relationship you have with food and with your body.
And with these tools, you’ll know exactly how to live a life of freedom, breaking you free from the vicious “Diet Cycle” that you’re probably stuck in.

How do you do this? It’s simple…

5 Steps to Drop 3-5 Pounds in the Next 7 Days

Step 1 – Social Support

A study from Harvard showed that participants that used social support while losing weight were more successful than those who didn’t.

In fact, the average weight loss among participants who used support was 20 pounds compared to 9 pounds for those without support!

And with the exclusive Challenge Diet community, you’ll have access to other people just like you, as well as myself.

Step 2 – Accountability

Everyone in our group will be keeping an eye on you, and you’ll have NO choice but to succeed as you will have to OWN UP to what you’re eating so we can all create food awareness and learn from each other.

Step 3 – A Simple Plan and Being Prepared

There is no guesswork. You’ll know exactly what to eat, step-by-step with the power of flexibility based on your preferences. Preparation is a key to success in any situation, but especially food.

Step 4 – Incentive

You’ll see and feel a difference in only 7 days. Expect to lose up to 11 pounds in only 21 days and have the tools and habits that will springboard your future fat loss success.

When you lose fat fast (against what the media tells you), you will be inspired to continue. It’s called “success momentum”.

Step 5 – Deadline

Another piece to the puzzle that’s missing from other programs is a set deadline. What’s your end date? Set one up.

21daysImagine sticking to your plan, step-by-step, for 21 days.

Anyone, including you, can stick to a plan for JUST 21 days. Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel is what keeps people just like you going.

And if you’re wondering why 21-days… it’s because studies show that it takes just 21-days to form a habit. And that’s what I want to help you with.

I want to teach you the fat loss and nutrition secrets that work. And then give you a detailed day-by-day plan to follow so that you can see fast results, and then leave you with the habits to do it on your own moving forward.

But you’ll also have the security in knowing you won’t get the “rebound” weight gain that other diets don’t even talk about. You’ll get proven resources and simple strategies to keep the weight off forever…

… and if you choose to do so, continue with your fat loss!

Here’s How You Will Do It:

challengediet display

Take a look at these inspiring messages
that you get to be a part of…

fb feedback

PLUS, You’ll Get These
Exclusive Bonuses When You Start TODAY

challengediet display2

Compare for yourself…


Now you’re probably wondering
why it’s called Challenge Diet…

Remember, I said you have to be willing to put the work in. This isn’t a magic pill, or a starvation diet that might get you to lose some weight only to gain it all back.

Throughout the 21-days that you’re following the nutrition program I’m going to give you bonus challenges as I coach you along through emails and our private social group.

Now, while these challenges are optional, I can tell you that you’re going to burn even more fat and at a faster rate if you accept my weekly challenges.

I promise to keep them fun… and challenging.

I Want To Do Challenge Diet – How Much Is It?

Now to meet with a dietician would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and you certainly wouldn’t be able to use them 24/7 like you can with a social forum found inside The 21 Day Challenge Diet group.

And if you were to work with me one-on-one (which I don’t even do anymore because I’ve seen the power of social support), you would expect to invest over $200 per session.

That’s WITHOUT the benefit of 24/7 support, too.

Inside our social support community, you’ll be with people from all over the world in nearly every time zone, so you can reach out for help and support when needed and as often as you’d like.

This ALONE will keep you on track – you’ve seen the power of social support above.

I charge my hundreds of boot camp clients $197 per month for this information and that doesn’t even include the support forum.

You won’t invest nearly that much… in fact, you won’t even invest HALF of that.

Instead, you’ll get everything inside the Challenge Diet plus all the social support you need for a ONE-time investment of…


Click Here to Get Challenge Diet for Only $37

You might be asking yourself why it’s such a small investment.

The thing is, I’m 51 and I know that this “old school” knowledge combined with common sense and a plan that tells you step-by-step what to eat for the next 21 days can change a lot of lives.

Together, you and I can help even more people by sharing our experiences.

It’s a movement that I want you to be a part of.

No gimmicks.

No fads.

Now the only question to ask yourself is this…

Ask yourself: “Am I worth 69 cents a day?” You are either worth it or not.

And remember, after the 21 days, you’ll have a bullet-proof plan to continue losing fat if you choose to do so and keep it off forever.


Click Here to Get Challenge Diet for Only $37

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Get Results – Get Lean…

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If at any time during the 60 days you feel that Challenge Diet is not meeting your expectations and if you’re not getting leaner, tighter, and dropping fat faster than you could have imagined then I’ll issue you a FULL REFUND and you’re welcome to keep the entire program, including the workouts, the smoothie recipes and restaurant guide bonuses as my gift to you.

edge-guaranteeWhy would I make such a bold money back guarantee like this? It’s simple really; I believe in my program… and the science of fat loss in this program is too strong to fail. Plus, the droves of people who have gotten amazing fat loss results are living proof that The 21 Day Challenge Diet IS the #1 program for people just like you who want to super charge their metabolism, torch fat and finally get the athletic body that you’ve always wanted.

And if you feel that The 21 Day Challenge Diet doesn’t deliver EVERYTHING that I promised, then I don’t deserve to keep your money. Fair enough?

You owe it to yourself and now you have nothing to lose to try out the 21 Day Challenge Diet.

Imagine yourself 21 days from now… not 22, not 34, but 21 days from now. Because you know if you say, “I’ll start tomorrow”, it won’t happen. Then you’ll end up frustrated and confused.

And the bad news is that you’ll land on this page again but you won’t be able to become a part of the 21 Day Challenge Diet because it will be too late.

All of the action-takers will have taken your spot. They didn’t hesitate. They knew they had to step up and finally do something without the fads, powders or pills.

All you have to do to get started is click on the “Add to Order” button below and you’ll receive the entire 21 Day Challenge Diet system, along with the bonuses and I’ll see you inside out private Facebook Social Group.


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I look forward to working with you,

Shawna Kaminski

PS – Remember to simplify this. Ask yourself this one question… “Am I worth 69 cents per day?” You are either worth it or not.

PPS – You are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If this is not the simplest and most effective program you’ve ever experienced with the exact results you’re looking for, I’ll refund every penny back to you… no questions asked. I truly want you to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to start this right away. How long will the plan take to be delivered?

Answer: This is a DIGITAL program and you’ll have IMMEDIATE access.

Question: I’m gluten intolerant, will this plan work for me?

Answer: This is a plan is ‘mostly’ gluten free, so it will be easy for you to eliminate what little gluten choices are within it.

Question: I’m a vegetarian, will this plan work for me?

Answer: Unless you can replace the protein options with vegetarian protein options, this plan is NOT suitable for vegetarians. Stay tuned for a vegetarian Challenge Diet 2.0 coming out soon.

Question: I like to be told EXACTLY what to eat, the mix and match plan makes me nervous. What can I do?

Answer: In order to truly embrace the nutritional changes required to lose and maintain fat loss, you need to understand WHY you’re eating a certain way. I want to support you by providing a ‘done for you’ plan, but I like to have you make some choices as this replicates real life more closely. You don’t want to live your life on a ‘diet’. You want to learn how to make your own choices. Having said this, if you want a ‘read it and eat it’ style plan, you can easily do this by following the meal plans sequentially. Hopefully from there you’ll learn to ‘mix it up’ as the plan was intended.

Question: Why is this called ‘Challenge Diet’? I don’t want more of a challenge where my diet is concerned!

Answer: Actually, the name is a bit of a misnomer. The challenge is NOT in the nutrition plan at all. The challenge involves MOVEMENT! If you want to look sexy and you don’t want to be a skinnier version of your former fat self, you need to MOVE in order to transform your body. The 21 Day Challenge Diet challenges you to get off the couch daily. But don’t panic! I have you covered with daily email messages of motivation, inspiration and workouts. You’ll be challenged to keep moving with short invigorating workouts, no matter what your fitness level is.

Question: Why is this a 21 day diet plan?

Answer: Typically it takes 21 days to form a habit. Beta testers found that this was a good amount of time to get great results as well as form new eating habits. Also getting results fast are really motivating,

According to a recent study done by the Journal Of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, researchers found that dieters who saw the least amount of results in the beginning of their study were the ones who dropped out of the study fastest. This means that when you see fast fat loss results, you end up sticking to the program for a longer period of time, which in turn yields more results. This shows us that choosing the right diet and workout program is especially important when trying to lose weight. Get weight off fast, stick to it, and keep the weight off.

Yackobovitch-Gavan M., Steinberg D.M., Endevelt R., Benyamini Y. (2014) Factors associated with dropout in a group weight-loss programme: a longitudinal investigation. J Hum Nutr Diet.

Question: I’ve lost weight before, will all my weight come back after 21 days?

Answer: Beta testers found that they DID NOT gain their weight back after the initial 21 days. They were able to increase their calories and continue to lose pounds and inches. This is because they had adopted a better way of eating, an active lifestyle and they had more meal plans to support them.


Click Here to Get Challenge Diet for Only $37

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