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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Shawna – I only seem to get this “Leave a Reply” notice when I select your blog site. This has appeared for a few days now. Thought I’d let you know in case there may be some technical problems.

    I use Firefox and this also appeared on Internet Explorer. I don’t know if this is only happening at work – I haven’t checked it at home.


  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Shawna
    I run boot camp classes and do PT and have been struggling with the men particularly to straighten their backs when doing kettlebell swings. Of course they feel it in their lower backs. How do you cue the kb swing and and how do you teach it that they get it?


  3. James says:

    Hi Shawna
    I bought your burpee and jump rope programs and after sitting on my ass for a while have finally made the decision to execute!
    I also have all the finisher programs from mike
    If buying programs got you in shape I would be a superstar, but we both know that is not the case!
    I am 54, male retired Army Colonel, Airborne Ranger trained, 5’11” 270lb that is ready to find the James that was swallowed by this fat guy!

    My question is in starting back do you recommend wearing a heart monitor (I am heart healthy) and staying in target training zones or do you just work to pace and how you feel in the moment! I would think to get the HITT benefit you can’t worry with target training zones!

    I know you are busy but if you get a moment can you pls respond!
    My goal is to get back in shape so that I can attract an awesome fit beautiful lady like you into my life!

  4. challeng says:

    James, Good for you for executing! You’re right, getting programs is easy, it’s the application that’s tough but you’ve made the first step.

    As for the heart rate monitor, I sometimes train with one out of curiosity. I like to check out my heart rate, what my body can tolerate, my progress, etc. I’m sort of strange like this. I write everything down and sort of make a science of it. If you’re like this, a heart rate monitor can be really helpful to monitor your progress. It only measures ONE aspect of fitness though, so it’s not really THAT necessary for the average heart healthy person. Perceived exertion is typically good enough for the majority. I like to keep it simple for clients and say NO, a heart rate monitor is NOT necessary since it would give another reason not to workout.

    All the best to you, (I hope that you’ll find that as you get back in shape you’ll want to train for yourself and your health and not just to attract a cool person, although that may be a happy coincidence).

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