“They All Laughed When This 49 Year Old Mother Of Two Said She Could Do Twenty Pulls-Ups In a Row…

But The Laughs Stopped And Their Jaws Dropped When She Grabbed the Pull-up Bar and Effortlessly Banged Out Five, Ten, And Finally Twenty Pull-ups In A Row”

Dear Friend,

Click play to see me knock out 20 pull-ups

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to do one pull-up or if you’re banging out multiple pull-ups and just want to take your game to the next level… I can help you get there. Just watch the video to the right if you’re not convinced.

I know what you’re thinking…Yeah right!

You probably think that I’m an anomaly, a freak of nature, or that pull-ups come naturally to me.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, there was a time where I could barely hang from the pull-up bar and do a single pull-up. My brain could NOT get my muscles to pull me to the bar no matter how hard I tried and how strong my back was. These days I can knock out rep after rep of pull-ups because of a unique and relatively strange new training method that I’ve discovered.

Before I tell you all about this strange new pull-up training system, let me first set the record straight on some things…

I’m a forty-nine year old former grade school teacher and a mother of two teenagers. And I refuse to let my age and gender define my performance.

And very much like you, I enjoy being active; I like challenging myself, and boring “gym” type workouts aren’t for me.

How This Whole Thing Came To Be…

One day I set out to challenge myself and try something new… pull-ups!

Why pull-ups you ask?

Well, first off, it’s the only exercise that I know of that defines what a true challenge workout is. Think about it… all other exercises require that you either pull or push only a portion of your body weight.

But pull-ups are the ONLY exercise where your entire bodyweight is hanging by your arms and ALL of your bodyweight serves as the resistance.

Now that’s a challenge!

Plus unless you develop outstanding grip and forearm strength you’ll never maximize your pull-up prowess because your grip will always tire out before your back muscles do leaving you frustrated and disappointed.

Not to mention that the all-mighty pull up is something that less than five percent of the population can actually accomplish.

But who can really blame them?

The pull-up is heralded as the ultimate challenge – the ultimate test of one’s total body strength and endurance, and the standard by which one’s level of fitness is ultimately judged.

Simply put… you can cheat your way though practically any exercise, but not pull-ups. Look, you aren’t really fit unless you are banging out a few rounds of pull-ups with ease.

But your body is NOT the only thing that changes with your mastery of the pull-up. Your sense of self-worth changes too.

Let me explain…

People are naturally drawn to exceptional things. And the pull-up, as you are well aware, is no easy feat.

So you can just imagine all the attention you’ll get while effortlessly banging out one pull-up after another – from the gym staff, to the trainers, to the beginners getting back into shape, and even to those in single digit body fat. Your pull-up prowess will not only draw their attention, but earn their respect and admiration as well – especially if you are a woman.

In fact, that’s just what happened to me, you’ll find out how I stupefied a gym full of fitness professionals when I banged out a ton of perfect pull ups…read on…

How I Discovered the Unique and Unconventional Training Method To Quickly Building Pull-Up Power.

See unlike all other exercises you can’t build your pull up strength and endurance using traditional progressive resistance training.

Take the bench press for example. If your goal is to rep out fifteen reps with 225 pounds, you wouldn’t go into the gym and load the bar up with 225 lbs and start pressing, would you?


You’d find yourself stuck under the bar with an injury to boot!

What you might do however is to load the bench press bar up to one-hundred pounds and then start progressively building up the weight and repetitions over the weeks to come until you knock out fifteen reps with 225 pounds.

That’s progressive resistance training for you…

…and practically every exercise on the planet can be improved, bettered, and maximized with progressive resistance training except for the pull-up.

See, when you hop onto a pull-up bar it’s just you, your bodyweight and your grip – that’s it.

You can’t very well cut your bodyweight in half and use progressive resistance training methods to slowly build up your pull up strength and endurance. It just doesn’t work that way with pull-ups.

Now you might think that the you could use progressive resistance training to build up your pull-up by using the lat pull down machine or the selectorized weight “pull up machine” that uses counter balance to reduce your weight.

You’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

See, exercise machines are okay for building your back strength and they do have their place in a pull-up training program… but you’ll never reach your full pull up potential using gym machines and equipment because they inadvertently take you out of the ideal pull up position and place you in a seated or braced position that’s actually counter productive to what you want to achieve.

I knew there had to be a better, faster, smarter way to training for pull-up strength, power and endurance and that’s when I stumbled upon a concept called the controlled cheating principal.

Here’s how controlled cheating works…

Controlled cheating allows you to keep your body in the idea pull-up position while “cheating” your way though your training program. Your body remains in the ideal pull up position which helps to build ‘muscle memory’ as well as strength and endurance.

What I discovered was that controlled cheating helped me quickly speed up my training and the results came fast. Over the next few months I decided to use myself as a guinea pig to create a variety of controlled cheating exercises to help me build up my pull-up prowess.

Then I mixed and matched these exercises and along with conventional training methods to build the ultimate pull-up training program.

The outcome… EPIC SUCCESS!

A couple months after perfecting my controlled cheating principal I found myself at a fitness conference in Las Vegas surrounded by a group of professional fitness trainers who were in awe of my new training method and the fact that a forty-nine year old woman can bang out over twenty pull ups in a row. I was pretty proud of myself to impress the ‘best of the best’ in the fitness world there.

It just so happened that there within the crowd was Craig Ballantyne, a world-renowned fitness trainer and author of many books on fitness and strength training and Men’s Health Magazine contributor.

He later told me that after seeing me knock out twenty pull-ups in a row he challenged himself to beat me by doing thirty pull ups in a row the next day.

But despite being a 36 year old world-renowned fitness trainer, Craig was only able to perform 18 pull-ups in a row.

Me… a 49 year old mom beat one of the top fitness authorities on the planet in a pull-up challenge. Proof that my Controlled Cheating Principal works better than any other pull-up training program.

Think about it… if a 49 year old woman can outmatch a younger, stronger male fitness expert, then don’t you think that this program could teach YOU a few training secrets to improve your own pull-up max – regardless of your fitness level?

Now, before I tell you another word about the amazing pull-up challenge training system that I stumbled upon, take a look at what others are saying about my “Challenge Workout” program.

When I met Shawna I knew she was different from a lot of trainers out there in the fact that she walks the walk, especially for a chick! She definitely doesn’t just talk it and she knows what she’s talking about.

Being a passionate strength coach myself, I know for a fact that Shawna truly cares about her clients and pumps out some excellent information as well as RESULTS! I’m very passionate about bodyweight training and her program, Challenge Workouts is awesome! Not only is it challenging, but it works! I’m always looking for great information out there and when I was introduced to her Challenge workouts for pull ups and push ups, I was hooked!

I definetly recommend this for anyone out there, guy or girl, that wants to increase their pull up and push up strength to check this program out!”

Travis Stoetzel, CSCS TravisStoetzel.com


Thanks for all your help with my pull ups Shawna! I went from 0 to one pull up in less than a week. Even as a trainer myself, you gave me just the tips I needed.

Allie Warnick


Shawna’s Pull Up Program is fantastic. Pull ups are such a test of strength and ultimate badassery for women. I think that’s why I love them.

Shawna does such a good job of properly preparing you for pull ups – whether you’re working to get your first one or get sets of 15 pullups (or more) in a row. Just teaching the proper alignment you should have with the bar will dramatically quicken your ability to get your first pull up or dramatically increase how many pull ups you can consecutively. The workouts she offers in this program are amazing full body workouts that adequately prepare and strengthen all the muscles in your body for pull ups.

So, while working on improving your pull ups, Shawna is getting your whole body in shape. Brilliant!!

I really trust Shawna and her programs. Her programs always yield exceptional results. Oh, and yes, that’s me doing pull ups on my wedding day!

Sara Dean
www.Fit Healthy Moms.com


Shawna has a true passion for challenging you and becoming your absolute best. This program has a no-nonsense approach to mastering and improving the art of the pull-up. Being a certified Turbulence Trainer, I know the importance and impact of what pull-ups and push-ups can do for not only fat loss, but being stronger period.

This program is the blue print you need to achieve your pull-up goals, whether that is one, ten or even more. This step-by-step program is the best on the market I’ve seen.

Mike Whitfield, CTT


IT’S WORKING Workout #1 Pull up pretest – could move my body a few inches Workout #4 Pull up test – I got my forehead up to the bar Yaaaaaah! Shawna, I love this program, my weights are also heavier at workout 4. Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks!



“Understanding the core principles in doing a perfect push-up is integral to any workout routine, no matter your fitness or skill level. Shawna’s program outlines exactly how it should be done. She’s just the type of trainer you want outlining the basics, so you can build from there!”

Erin Morrow; President & CEO
Wellness Innovations


Watch The Video!Shawna, I’ve never been able to do more than 3 pull ups consecutively. Well, I only just purchased your program and with just a few tricks and tips, my pullup already increased by 1! I did 4 the other day and although #4 was hard, I did it!

Now I want to be able to do 4 effortlessly and add #5! Thanks!”



“I am a 37 year old personal Trainer & I have been in the fitness industry for years. The one exercise that has always been my Achilles heel, so to speak, has been the “pull up.” I am able to do Chin ups, wide grip, narrow grip but have not been able to conquer the Pull Up. Until Now.

A few words to describe Shawna K. would be, passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals… educator… coach… mentor…. motivator… knowledgeable…. empathetic…. problem solver…. truly dedicated. Shawna K. and her Pull up program introduced a new way of strengthening the proper muscles in my back to make it possible for me to achieve my goals.

I thought I knew all there was to know about how to go about teaching myself or someone else how to target certain muscles in order for the proper muscles to engage, but I was wrong. I have now learned a different style & technique that is working for me, thanks to Shawna K. and her vast knowledge of fitness.

Krista Kokot


“Thanks for the information! Your workouts are carefully laid out and great for all fitness levels. This program demystifies the pull-up and how to do them correctly.

I’ll definitely recommend this my clients!

Mark Costes


“Shawna’s pull up up program is a beast…that’s the easiest way to put it. Before she asked me to help test the method she created I was able to do 15-16 pull-ups without rest. After doing her workout and testing myself again I was incredibly surprised, and excited, to see that I could do 20 or more full pull ups with perfect form. This turned out to be a regular occurrence and something that I could perform at the drop of a hat.

That’s insane! The best part is that I saw improvement in everything from my deadlifts to my 400m run times after doing the pull up program. Pull ups are more than just a marker of great fitness and strength…they are a MAKER of great fitness and strength.”

Mike Inscho


“Getting Your First Pull Up is the most comprehensive program with numerous and varied workouts that will take your physique and abilities to the next level no matter what condition you are in.

I highly recommend this program whether you want to do 1 pull up or 30. Take action now and get this program.”

Ian Hart, CSCS


“Dear Shawna,

Just want to thank you for your Ultimate Pull-up workout which I just completed. It helped me to improve my pull up count from 12 (with some controlled cheating; ie, raising of legs to assist myself up) to 14 (with much better form and control!!). More importantly, I have developed full body strength throughout the duration of the ultimate pull-up challenge due to the squatting and deadlifts and presses.

I saw many other programs to improve pull ups but rarely are there ones that emphasize the development of the upper body pushing muscles and lower limbs just as much. I had no concern of imbalanced development with your program.

I also find that your workout has an element that most other programs (including some very good ones) lack which is changing the sequence of body part training. A program that sequences the upper body exercises before lower body exercises tend to cause more emphasize on the upper body . Also, due to the possible decreased mental and physical fatigue when he starts doing the lower body exercises, the upper body gets more attention.

Your program cleverly switches the sequence of upper and lower body exercises on the upper body and legs days, which allowed me to maximize the improvements in performance of both my upper and lower limb exercises.

Once again, many thanks!”

Chia Bing Xi


“I have not had Shawna’s workouts for that long but as a group exercise instructor/kettlebell trainer myself I can highly recommend them. Intense enough for the fittest but easily adapted for anyone just starting out. I have worked out for many years but never quite managed to master the pull up… all that will change this year!”

Elaine Barnes


“Well here I am at 75 years young, I joined Crossfit Aug, 2012. I usually come in last in most of the events or WOD’s. But when it comes to pushups I can hold my own, I can crank out between 70-80 reps in a minute. I have downloaded your push-ups, burpees, and of course the pull-ups. No matter what program I am involved with I make sure these are part of them. I never really knew about the back muscles that were involved with the pull-ups. I thought it was all about arm power, boy was I wrong.

I spend a lot of time watching you on youtube, tying to pick up all the little clues. Thank you for the programs and the following support.”

Frederick Murphy

Was $39 Now Only $21!

Let’s be honest with each other, okay?

No other exercise on the planet says as much about your fitness level, strength, endurance, and overall conditioning as pull-ups do.

That’s just an irrefutable fact.

I mean no one ever asks you how many leg extensions or triceps presses you can do.

Pull-ups are raw power and endurance and the physique they build is proof of that fact.

Pull-ups are the most primal of exercises, the ultimate measure of one’s conditioning level and I can teach you how to do you first pull-up or add ten or twenty more to what you’re currently doing now.

Pull-ups alone work your grip, forearms, biceps, back, abs, deep core muscles, shoulders, and your posture…

…and best of all they make a man’s body look more alpha and primal and a woman’s body toned, athletic, and sexy.

I challenge you to find any other exercise that elicits “wow” when people see you knocking them out. And while you’re at it… I challenge you to find any one exercise that can get you in better shape then pull-ups.

I’ve searched… you can’t find it. Pull-ups rule! Period.

Introducing: Challenge Workouts – Pull Ups

Chalk Full Of Awesome-ness

The Pull-up Challenge Workouts program is a PROVEN workout plan with shortcuts to help you become a pull-up machine. So you’ll get almost instant improvement in your pull-up count – and not only that, you’re also going to look awesome!

The Pull-up Challenge Workouts are perfect if you’re interested in…

  • Getting back in shape and seeing almost instant strength improvements
  • Impressing others by rattling off a round of pull-ups
  • Re-sculpting your body and developing the ideal athletic physique
  • Losing fat and sculpting lean strong muscle from head to toe
  • Dominating friends in workout contests and challenges
  • Improving your PR in other lifts such as bench, deadlifts, presses and even squats (Yes, the pull-up helps with ALL of your core lifts)
  • Gaining other’s respect and empowering yourself to a healthier lifestyle
  • An intense and results driven workout program you can do anywhere with hardly any equipment required.

Listen, if you’re like me and like to challenge yourself… if you like to keep your body lean and strong… and if you’d like to bang out more pull-ups than people half your age then this is hands down the program for you.

There’s no other exercise as potent and as awe inspiring as the pull-up. And I can show you how to do your first pull-up or add another ten to what you’re doing now – best of all I can show you how to do is quickly with the shortcuts I’ve developed.

But You May Have Some Questions About Challenge Workouts – Pull-ups…

I understand that you may have questions. I’m guessing you’ve been promised everything under the sun before, so naturally you’re a bit skeptical. So here are the top questions I get from people before they buy my program…

Q: I’ve tried a bunch of programs in the past that overpromised and under-delivered, why should I spend even more money on your program?

A: I said it before and I’ll say it again – pull-ups are the best exercises at delivering total body transformation results. From your arms, to your inner and outer abs, to your shoulders and back. Challenge Workouts aren’t just going to improve your pull-up metrics – they’re going to sculpt you a stronger, leaner, and sexier physique.

If you can simply commit to 3 hard workouts a week, I guarantee these Challenge Workouts will almost instantly make you stronger and change the way you look and feel about yourself.

Q: I’m just a beginner and can barely do a pull-up, let alone five or ten. Will this program be too hard for me?

A: Absolutely not. I have designed these workouts to challenge each and every fitness level. So if you’re struggling to do one or two pull-ups or simply wanting to crank them out, you won’t be frustrated by a program that’s too hard or too easy. Instead, these Challenge Workouts let you dive right in and start quickly seeing results. If you’re new to pull-up then you’ll start with the level one version. If you’re already banging out ten or more pull ups then you’ll start at level two or three (depending on your fitness level). Level three is pretty advanced, but if you’re up for the challenge then it’s for you. Either way you get all three programs when you order Challenge Workouts – Pulls-ups.

Q: If your product works, how come I’ve never heard of you before? How can I trust that I’ll actually be able to do pull-ups and push-ups with ease?

A: The most likely reason you’ve never heard of me or Challenge Workouts before is because rather than creating elite fitness programs like this one, I’ve spent much of my time competing in – and winning – prestigious fitness competitions, while also working in my personal training business, Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp. I’m one of the few people out there who actually practices what I preach.

However, after years of people in and out of the fitness industry pleading with me to create a program based on my years of knowledge and experience, I’ve finally done it.

Yet I realize that you may be naturally skeptical – heck I would be too! That’s why I’ve removed ALL of your risk. So when you order the Pull-up Challenge Workout program, you get EIGHT full weeks to try it out… and if you’re not completely satisfied – for whatever reason – just email my support team and they’ll gladly refund you your money, every last penny – fair enough?

Q: Can women actually crank out a round of pull-ups and make it look easy?

A: Did you see the video at the top of this page where I cranked out twenty pull ups in a row… by the way that video was taken on the fly AFTER a back training session so I was exhausted even before doing those twenty. So yes, YOU CAN actually crank out pull-ups even if you’re a woman – I’ve helped many of my clients do it, and I can show you how, too.

Q: Do I need a lot of equipment or access to a gym to do these workouts?

A: Heck no. I’ve developed this program so that you can do most of the exercises anywhere… as long as you have access to a pull up bar, of course.

Was $39 Now Only $21!

Here’s What You Get With Your Challenge Workout Program:

(The Pull-Up Domination Program)

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program – $69.00 Value

This three in one, step-by-step ebook program gives to the A to Z in pull-up training and teaches you how to increase strength, endurance, and pulling power for unlimited pull-up prowess.

In Program One you’ll get the fundamentals of doing your first pull-up and how to quickly build your pull-up technique to knock as many as five pull-ups straight. Just imagine, going from NO pull-ups to being able to jump up and knock out as many as five pull ups in only four weeks.

In Program Two(the advance training system) you’ll get the exact training regimen to explode your pull-up power and endurance and easily add a dozen pull-ups to your training program.

In Program Three(the HARD CORE training system) you’re going to get training programs and regimes that will blow your mind. If you’re already knocking out ten or more pull-ups straight this program is going to take your pulling power to the stratosphere.

More Power. More Endurance. More Strength. More Pull-ups, period!

The Hard Core Pull-Up training program include my “Sinister Seven” training strategy where I combine a unique training and conditioning program to double, triple and even quadruple the number of pull-ups you do in just four short weeks.

This specialized training program is a unique combination of traditional pull-ups, jump pull-ups, chin-ups, assisted pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, eccentric pull-ups and timed endurance training all designed to give you maximum explosive strength, endless endurance, and unmatched pulling power so you can knock out dozens of pull-ups in a row!

And When You Order Your Copy Of The
Ultimate Pull-Up Program Today,
You’ll Also Get These Three FREE Bonus Gifts
Valued at $187.00.

FREE Bonus Gift One:
Endurance Power Builders – $49.00 Value

You need power and strength to do pull ups. You also need a lean and toned physique. Any extra weight will just weigh you down and limit your pull up potential.

Endurance Power Builders are short workouts to do on your day off from your pull up workouts. These are body weight, full body ‘cardio’ style workouts that burn fat like nothing else. No long, slow and boring cardio here. Short and sweaty to help you get toned and sexy.


FREE Bonus Gift Two:
The Pull Up Challenge Body Weight Edition – $49 Value

No equipment? No problem!

In this body weight module you’ll get twelve body weight workouts that will have you upping the quality and quantity of your pull ups in no time.

This is a full body program that will help you get lean and strong all at once. It’s also a great option for if you’re traveling.

FREE Bonus Gift Three:
Pull-Up Boosting Exercises Video Library – $99.00 Value
For Members Only

Packed with over 30 different exercise demonstration videos, this video library is your source to get new exercises to keep your training program new and fresh.

Best of all, every exercise is demonstrated by me, so you know they’re textbook perfect in form and function.

And as a special bonus, as I find new exercises to boost your pull-up prowess, I’ll be adding them to the members only site – making this library an ever growing database of exercise knowledge.

FREE Bonus Gift Four:
The Little Black Book Of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises – $39.00 Value

Just to make sure you’re never without options or variety I’ve put together this “little black book” of pull-up boosting exercises for you so you can take it with you to the gym or when you travel.

Just like the video library above, the little black book is jam packed with fresh variety of exercises and techniques (descriptions and pictures) to take your pull-up program to the next level.

Was $39 Now Only $21!

Listen friend. Like I said earlier, there are no other exercise on the planet that command as much respect as the pull-up.

And you and I both know that this one exercise alone can make a HUGE difference in your body, explode your strength, endurance and power and make you the envy of all your friends and everyone in the gym.

It’s time that you get the Pull-Up Challenge Workouts Program for yourself!

So What Does the Program Cost?

Good question…

If you were to hire me to personally train you three to four times per week and help you do more pull-ups and help you get a leaner and stronger body you’d easily pay $165 per workout session (which is what I charge for one-on-one training).

This means that a four week personal training program would set you back $1980 – and it would be well worth every penny considering the results that you’ll get.

But through this program you’re going to get ALL of my pull-up training regimens (beginners, intermediate and advanced) for a tiny little fraction of what you’d pay to work one-on-one with me.

Typically, the Pull-up Challenge Workouts Program is valued at $69.00 and at that price it’s a heck of a deal considering all that you get with the program and the three free bonus gifts.

But for this limited time web exclusive offer, you won’t even pay $69.00…  in fact you won’t even pay a discounted value of: $49.00, because when you order the Pull-Up Challenge Workouts Program today you’ll get the entire Ultimate Pull-Up Program PLUS All three FREE bonus gift for only $21!

I know you’ll agree that this is a really good deal.

You’re Fully Protected.
Do More Pull-Ups and Get Noticeably Leaner AND Stronger
In The First Eight Weeks Or Get Every Penny Back – Guaranteed!

Was $39 Now Only $21!

Here’s to you cranking out your first pull-up or adding ten more to your regimen over the next few weeks! 

Shawna Kaminski

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Pull-Up Challenge Workouts. If after 8 weeks you aren’t thrilled with how much easier it is to knock out pull-ups whether you’re beginner or advanced, let me know and I’ll refund your order – NO questions asked. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed so order now!

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