Special Add-On Offer for the Challenge Workouts Ultimate Pull Up Program.

Because you recently made the best decision ever by investing in the Challenge Workouts Ultimate Pull up program.
I’m offering these Additional Items available only through this offer!
This offer includes THREE more popular programs to help you get leaner even faster – best of all you’ll save over $70!

Here’s what you get…

The Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss System
$39 Value

This is the win-win meal plan that helps you get leaner while you’re increasing strength and performance. The best part is it doesn’t restrict your carb intake – in fact, when you follow the Simple Nutrition lifestyle you’ll never feel deprived of carbs again!


31 Blender Drink Recipes
$29 Value

You’ll get “31 Blender Drink Recipes” from Craig Ballantyne and other world renown fitness experts. This handy resource shows you the best morning blender drinks, post-workout shakes, and green smoothies that you can add to your diet to help you stay energized, boost your health, and even help you lose fat faster. You’ll be shocked at how delicious these drinks can be – all while helping you LOSE fat…you’ll love the fact that you can have delicious and filling blender drinks that take just minutes to create.




The Burpee Challenge – For Faster Results and Explosive Strength, Power, and Leanness
$39.00 Value

The Burpee is king of the total busy training program. Nothing taxes your body and speeds of progress and results like burpees.


– Want stronger and tighter legs? Do Burpees.
– Want explosive pressing strength and endurance? Do Burpee Push-ups.
– Want intense strength and endurance training? Do Burpee pull-ups.

Introducing The Burpee Challenge – Sixteen burpee based workouts routines designed to take your Pull-up and Push-up challenge program to the next level. Best of all you can do burpees anywhere, anytime and get a killer workout!


Suspension Training – Pull Up Push Up Challenge
$39.00 Value Use a suspension trainer for core conditioning and to increase your strength, balance and power.

TRX Video Library Included!

“How To” videos show you the correct way to perform your suspension training.

– Suspension Training is an amazing way to strengthen, tighten and tone your entire body.
– Developed by a Navy Seal, the suspension trainer is portable and easy to use anywhere.
– You can use the suspension trainer to increase your pull up and push up power.
Introducing The Suspension Training Module – Check out 12 ‘done for you’ workouts along with a video library to guide you along to more quality and quantity pull ups and push ups.

When you act now, you can be leaner, fitter, and tighter in no time
with these Platinum System Bonus Items!

I want this complete Additional Bonus Offer to use with my previous purchase of the Challenge Workout System
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