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Test, Challenge, and Track Results…

Challenge your boot camp clients with plateau busting workouts designed to break workout boredom, boost fat burn, and maximize muscle toning all while setting you apart from your competitors.

You’ll learn:

  • Get an entire year of ready-to-use plateau busting Challenge Workouts™ that can be done with and without equipment.
  • Fun, fast paced and effective fitness testing techniques that are easy to implement in your group training and boot camp programs.
  • Easy to use templates for record keeping.
  • The added bonus of six ‘Extreme Challenge Workouts For Your Boot Camp’ to break workout boredom.
  • An exercise library to clarify and provide cueing for proper exercise technique.
  • A ‘done for you’ mix and match nutrition plan for your clients to help them eat better, burn more fat, and reach their goals faster than ever.

The best part is:

You’re clients will love the challenge workouts and you’ll get increased retention from boot camp clients as they see themselves progress and improve on all fitness parameters.

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Dear Success Minded Boot Camp Owner,

I’m Shawna Kaminski and I run multiple six figure boot camps. I get clients through word of mouth and my clients have been with me for years.

There’s a reason for all this…

I want to reveal to you how I get and keep clients in my fitness boot camp and show you how you can do the same and save yourself the headache of having to create more workout programs.

One of the most effective technique for client retention is to give amazing results. And that’s what I’m best at.

Quantifiable fitness results are unparalleled when proving to your clients that their fitness level is improving.

Give client results = client retention and referral generation

Giving your clients better workouts and faster results = massive success

I can show you how…

But why should you listen to me?

Well, I have over 20 years of school teaching experience under my belt. I have multiple degrees and certifications to my name and I currently run my own multiple six figure producing fitness boot camp for years with many of the SAME boot camp clients returning day after day. In addition, I’m the lead instructor at Fit Body Boot Camp University where I teach trainers how to train.

And I’m the creator and author of Challenge Workouts™ the #1 selling online program for people who want to challenge themselves and take their fitness to the next level.

Obviously I know a thing or two about how to run a successful boot camp business and how to deliver amazing results.

More importantly, I want to help you and your clients succeed by providing you with ‘done for you’ boot camp challenges that are easily implemented in a boot camp setting.


You and I both know that coming up with workouts programs day in and day out can be difficult.

The last thing you want to do is to create boring workouts that your clients get sick of doing.

Not to mention the fact that doing the same type of workout over and over again is going to cause your clients to hit a plateau. And if your clients stop seeing results they’re likely to quit.

Three things that I figured out a long time ago that have really helped grow my boot camp business are…

1. Your clients want fun challenging workouts
2. They want results.
3. And they hate boring routines.

That’s when I started incorporating weekly challenge workouts into my boot camp programs and the results were epic!

All of a sudden I noticed an increase in client attendance, they got better, faster results, and I had a means of testing their fitness level each month.

Talk about a win/win/win!

Let me explain…

Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ is more than just a bunch of done-for-you plateau busting boot camp workout programs. It’s also a fitness testing technique developed for use in a boot camp or group training setting.

It’s difficult to find fitness tests that are not only easy to implement, but provide clients with fun challenges they look forward to doing and also test every fitness parameter.

Why should you even want to ‘put your clients to the test’?

Look, boot camps are springing up on every corner. You have to put your boot camp into it’s own “category of one’ if you want to not only survive, but thrive in this industry.

You need to be different.

Your programs have to deliver results… and by God they have to be fun, otherwise you’re going to lose clients as fast as you’re getting them on board.

Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ not only provides kick butt workouts, but they help clients quantify their fitness results each and every month.

Here’s how it works…. During the first week of every month you’ll put your clients though a challenge workout – this is the “test” portion so you’ll track the results on the tracking form I have for you. Then once a week you’ll put your clients through a variation of the challenge workout to help them better condition and prepare for the end of the month.

At the end of the month you’ll put your boot camp clients through another challenge test (just like you did in week one) and track the results.

Easy… yet super effective at tracking and quantifying results, busting though boredom, and breaking plateaus! Best of all, they take only 12-15 minutes of your boot camp time; clients are sweating so much and doing their best to up they’re game for each challenge that they never have time to get bored.

Best of all you get eighteen Challenge Workouts that you can do with your clients, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Your clients will THANK YOU for their fitness progress. They’ll see themselves progress each month as they improve on the challenges you set out for them.

You’ll set them up for success with measurable fitness tests.

You become their hero as you encourage and push them to test their limits.

There’s no better feeling.

Your clients will keep coming back for more.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about my fitness boot camp and the challenges I provide them:

What The Experts Are Saying…

If you’re a serious bootcamp coach that wants to add value to your clients’ lives and transform them not only physically, but mentally, this program is a must-have.Just a few years ago, you could open a bootcamp and get clients. Not these days – it takes something special, something that will make your clients talk about you, and bring in hundreds of referrals.

This blueprint program shows you how, and your clients will blast through mental and physical barriers. Shawna is extremely successful for a reason. She brings the best out of her campers, and you should, too.

Mike Whitfield,

Boot Camp Challenge Workouts are a must have in the boot camp tool box! As fitness professionals our job is to make sure our clients are moving forward and getting stronger. These challenge workouts not only help us “test and evaluate” peoples’ abilities, but they keep things really fresh and new.

If you are trying to spice up your boot camp and bring that “spark” back to your program, Boot Camp Challenge Workouts will definitely do the trick. This program is definitely boot camp approved!!! Thanks Shawna :)

Brian Kalakay, CFT,

Hey Shawna!

This is an awesome tool for bootcamp owners not only for differentiating your camps and client retention but most importantly for assessing and testing in a large group/bootcamp format and making this fun for the camper at the same time!

I highly recommend this as it’s simple to implement and definitely a win-win for trainer and client. :)


What Clients Are Saying…

In a year I have gone from a 53 year old woman who felt like she was 65 to a woman who feels like she is close to 40 and with so much energy. I was tired all the time, putting weight on and most importantly not making time for me. Now I plan everything around my boot camp sessions Most importantly I feel better about who I am. Yes, I have lost weight, gained muscle and gone down a couple of dress sizes but the best part is how I feel.

I enjoy the way challenges are always different, surprising,,creative, and most importantly fun.

Thanks, a million times thanks!!! Debbie

Shawna, You’re making me do things I didn’t think I was capable of doing and challenging me to push myself. Thanks for keeping me positive and motivated! Sabina

I just wanted to say thanks again for everything you have done for me over the past couple of years. You have truly changed the way I look and feel, and your workout challenges are amazing.

You kicked my butt again today, I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished! Shari W

I think what strikes me most about boot camp is what I can actually do… Six month ago I could barely pull off a push up from my knees, now I can crank out 30 from my toes! I would never have dreamed of doing a box jump… today I did four 40 second sets on the bleachers!!!!! WOW!!! A 3+ minute high plank! I actually have abs ; )

I definitely wouldn’t get this level of support from the local gym, you really do go the extra mile! In my heart of hearts I know I could not have achieved this without this environment of encouragement.

Thank you Shawna, Tracy, Karen, and all my fellow sweat hogs! Jana C

Now Only $29!

As fitness professionals, you and I must be on the cutting edge of our industry.

Our programs must deliver results, our clients have to be happy with their fitness program and our programs must be fun and exciting.

I’ve created Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ to do exactly that for you.


Here’s what you’ll find inside

18 Challenge Workouts
For Your Boot Camp

  • Exciting workouts that provide challenge and motivation for your clients to push their limits.
  • A variety of tests using timed sets, AMRAP and ‘Rep Count Up’ and ‘Rep Count Down’ techniques.
  • A full description of each challenge.
  • ‘Done for you’ tables for easy recording.
  • Management tips so your clients are kept moving with NO down time.
  • Training variations to use between tests.
  • Exercise pictures and descriptions to clarify each exercise, proper form and cuing.

6 “Extreme Challenge” Workouts

  • Up your clients fitness game with six more “extreme” challenges
  • These tests can be used with those that need that extra push.
  • Training variations and suggestions to use between tests.
  • The ultimate in challenge workouts for your boot camp.

6 Week Mix And Match
Nutrition Plan For Clients

  • Six weeks of meal plans that are easy to follow and get results.
  • Clients need and want direction with nutrition.
  • Proper nutrition leads to better performance.
  • Clients meet their fat loss goals: they lose their flab as well as tighten and tone their way to better results on each Challenge Workout.

Special Bonus:
Challenge Workout Exercise Library

  • Ensure your clients are performing each exercise perfectly.
  • Refer to the exercise library for proper form and cues.

Now Only $29!

Each of these programs are designed to do three things:

  1. 1. Keep your boot camp fun, motivating and interesting.
  • Clients get bored quickly, Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ will keep them motivated to push for their personal best.
  • Clients will draw on you and the energy of the group to push through fitness plateaus with each and every challenge.
  • Every challenge is new and exciting and will keep your clients guessing as to what challenge is up next.
  • Doing the same thing day in and out is the death of fitness progress for your clients. By providing different challenges to them, they’ll reach a new fitness level.
  • You’ll not only challenge your client’s body, but their mind as well with Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™.
  1. 2. Help you track your client’s progress.
  • The program will allow you to get up close and personal with every fitness parameter of your clients.
  • You’ll find easy tracking charts in Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ so that you’ll know exactly how each client performs.
  • Templates are clear and easy to follow. All fields for each challenge are pre-made for easy recording.
  • Client retention will improve as all clients love to see their fitness progress. Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ makes it easy to quantify everyone’s fitness results.
  • Clients will love the ‘done for you’ aspect of Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ since you’ll handle all record keeping.
  • All challenges are designed with your boot camp in mind so that you can easily administer the challenges in a large group setting.
  • Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™are not only fun challenges, they’re great workouts. No one is standing around during the challenges and everyone leaves satisfied with their efforts.
  1. 3. Positions you above your competition.
  • Boot camps are popping up on every corner these days. When you use Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™, it will set you a part and show your clients that you’re serious about their fitness.
  • Getting results is the best way to retain clients and Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ is your blueprint to long term commitment to YOUR camp.
  • Clients will see that your boot camp is head and shoulders above others as you administer well planned workouts and challenges.
  • YOUR camp will be rockin’ with energy and enthusiasm as clients do Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™.

Now Only $29!

Here’s what a Challenge Workout for
your boot camp looks like…

Workout #10 – Jump and Push Challenge

Rep count test: Record the total reps completed during this workout.

Equipment: Jump rope, timer


Jump rope

Push up

Rules of the test:

This is a descending set of jump rope and push ups:

1 min of jump rope, followed directly with one min of push ups. Record. No rest.

45 sec of jump rope, followed directly with 45 sec of push ups. Record. No rest.

30 sec of jump rope, followed directly with 30 sec of push ups. Record. No rest.

15 sec of jump rope, followed directly with 15 sec of push ups. Record. No rest.

Challenge Workout #10 Jump and Push

Individual Rep Count Template

NAME OF CAMPER: ________________________________

Record the number of reps of each exercise for each set. Use the following table:


Record the number of push ups after each set, and the TOTAL number of push ups for the entire set.

Set: Number of push ups
Set 1 – 1 min
Set 2 – 45 seconds
Set 3 – 30 seconds
Set 4 – 15 seconds
Total number of push ups:

How Much Does Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition Cost?

You may expect to pay much more for such a valuable resource and boot camp retention tool. In fact, currently there are NO resources available that provide challenging evaluations for your boot camp or small group.

The only way you’d get your hands on such a resource would be to hire me, or someone with a comparable long standing list of credentials to create something similar. My rates run over $100/hour. Trust me, it took me many hours of creation and testing to ensure that these tests are right for you and your clients.

In this program, you receive 24 challenging fitness tests, that works out to be $1.21 per test!

And this doesn’t include the handy testing templates that have been created for you, or the 6 week mix and match nutrition plan that was developed by a registered dietician.

You’d easily pay hundred times the amount this program costs to get all that’s included.

You only pay a ONE time payment of $29!

That’s it.

$0.61 per test

It’s a no brainer. Pick up your Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ today and start testing your clients limits. You’ll be thrilled with their enthusiasm and eagerness to improve their scores by returning to YOUR boot camp.


Buy with confidence…



Q. I do small group training. Is Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™ useful with groups of 3-4?

A. Of course. You can even do the challenges with one on one clients, however, they’re designed with a large group in mind in terms of ‘management’. You’ll have no trouble implementing the challenges with individuals or small groups.

Q. How often should I do the challenges?

A. The program is designed so that you do one challenge per month. That being said, you’ll want to do the challenge at the start of the month, you can do it once or twice in the middle of the month for practice, and then do a final challenge at the end of the month to compare to the beginning score. There are training variations after each challenge so you can shake up the challenge during the month and still be preparing your clients for the final “challenge” at the end of the month.

Q. How long do the challenges take?

A. You can expect the challenges to take only 9-15 minutes. The first time it’s done, it will take a little more explanation, after that, clients know what to do.

Q. I have such a range in fitness levels with my clients, I think some of the challenges are TOO difficult for some of my clients to even do one rep. What should I do?

A. You’ll see that each challenge has a ‘range’ of exercises that can be used for the most challenging tests. At the end of the day, YOU know your clients best. You can choose to modify exercises as laid out in the program, or you can do some of your own modifications. The key is to MAKE A NOTE of the modifications so that on further testing, the client sees progress. Remember, your job is to ensure that the client is successful. Set them up for success by setting out fitness-appropriate challenges. You’ll see a variety of modifications in Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition™.

Q. I know lots of my clients ‘cheat’ when they count reps. How can I ensure they’re honest?

A. Look, this isn’t the Olympic trials. If clients want to ‘cheat’, they’re only cheating themselves in the end. Tests are rather self-correcting though. A client rarely remembers how they cheated in one test, and then on the repeat of the test they realize that they don’t know how to count reps or time themselves in order to beat their previous score. It only takes once or twice for this to happen for the client to realize honesty works best. In the end, if someone fudges their numbers continually, although it may seem frustrating to you and other clients, it’s only the client that loses out since they won’t benefit from the purpose of the challenge, which of course is self-improvement.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION.

Click below and get your clients on the road to better fitness and keep your boot camp rockin’ with satisfied clients.

Now Only $29!

If you need assistance, please contact customer support via email to

PLEASE NOTE: This is an internet product. Once purchased, you will be able to access the product in it’s entirety via a download page. No physical items are shipped.

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